Dont Be Hungry

It’s really quite amazing to read all the misleading information available about different diets.  Well-intentioned but truly misinformed advice about losing weight!  The one diet plan that comes to mind because my mother swore by it is the Pritikin diet,  she has struggled with her weight for decades and constantly starves herself and has many health issues and all because she has been following bad advice from well-intentioned people.  Break open your medical text book and look-up the science of how and why fat is stored in the human body and then ask why your doctor never told you this.  Then look-up the science of how fat is used in the human body and you now have a different story to what every glossy magazine and diet website you have ever read tells you.


Science will tell you that the human body puts on fat in response to an insulin spike and that insulin is the key hormone involved in storing fat in the human body.  So this means if you have an insulin spike your body is storing fat.  If there is no insulin spike then there is no storing of fat and instead your body is free to utilise any stored fat you have available.  So what causes an insulin spike you ask?  Insulin is called upon to help in the removal of excess carbohydrates (Sugars) from the blood stream.  The more carbs you take in the more insulin is required and the more fat is stores away for future usage.  At the same time however this insulin spiking also prevents the body from utilising any of the currently stored fat.  Starvation diets like pritikin are likely to lead to many health issues and long term depression because they work against the body’s natural systems and reduce calorie intake to such a low level making you unhealthy and prone to diseases like cancer as they recommend mostly carbohydrates and only a little protein and no fat.  Look at the past 30 years and see that there are more diseases and health issues than ever before in human history and the more we follow stupid diets like the pritikin diet the worse we all get.

The word fat has become a dirty word but what your doctor did not tell you and your dietician did not tell you and your magazine reading did not tell you is that Animal fat is the preferred fuel for the human body and that eating animal fat cannot make you fat.  In fact if you eat too much animal fat your body will simply excrete the excess in your urine i.e. piss out the excess fat.  Eating fat makes us less hungry because it satisfies the hunger pain faster and lasts longer so you have a natural tendency to eat less.  In fact if you look at the science about the way the human body utilises animal fat you soon discover there is no chemical pathway for the animal fat we eat to become fat stored on the human body.  So enjoy your butter it’s good for you.

OK so what about protein? Animal meat (muscle tissue) well the body needs protein to keep our muscles healthy and when there are no other sugars (Carbohydrates) available the body breaks down the protein to use as energy for the brain and other organs as well as utilising the stored fat in our bodies.  Can protein become fat stored on the body?  Mostly No but Sometimes yes!  The human body dislikes storing protein as fat on the body and does all it can to avoid doing this and only rarely achieves doing this when no other options are available.  You would have to eat a huge amount of protein to force your body to use the protein for body fat storage.  If you ate a whole roasted chicken twice a day with zero carbohydrates then some of the protein you ate would likely become stored body fat but eat only half of the chicken twice a day and an active person would be unlikely to have any of the protein stored as fat. Most people would be unlikely to eat this much protein in a day.

The only diets I know that actually work and are backed up by science are the Paleo diet and the Atkins diet.  Both of these diets work and both have science behind them showing exactly why they work.  So if you are sick and tyred of being fat, sleepy, fatigued, grumpy, itchy and unhealthy start reducing your carbohydrates and increase your animal fat and protein intake.

Be a happier healthier version of you that has 6 million years of history showing us how to eat.