Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha 'tried to eat her duvet' while on Atkins diet

Nadia Sawalha once woke up to discover she was trying to eat her duvet (Picture: Rex Features/Metro)Nadia Sawalha has revealed that going on the Atkins diet had a profound effect on her – to the extent that she once tried to chow down on her own duvet. The Loose Women co-presenter and cookbook author – who previously admitted to a binge eating disorder –  made the unlikely confession at the Dubai Festival of Literature, saying her lifelong love of bread was to blame. ‘My greatest passion in life, even above my husband and children, is bread,’ Nadia explained. ‘Once when I went on the Atkins diet, I woke up in the middle of the night and I was trying to eat my duvet because I was dreaming it was a naan bread.’ She added: ‘I was genuinely trying to munch in to this duvet and I thought “this is ridiculous”.’ Unsurprisingly, the whole incident put Nadia off yo-yo dieting for good – and she went on to explain her own relationship with weight loss plans. The Loose Women presenter recently admitted to being a member of Overeaters Anonymous (Picture: ITV)‘I don’t believe in diets in how we have come to understand them, which is that you go on them and then come off,’ she insisted. ‘I dieted my way to obesity. I would go on a diet, lose the weight, put it back on and then a little bit extra for a little bit of fun. It was insane!’ The 51-year-old admitted on Loose Women last month that she has been attending Overeaters Anonymous for the past few years, admitting that she ‘had a long period of my life when my eating was out of control’. She said it had changed her entire relationship with food, explaining: ‘Food is there to nourish me, I love to cook, I love to eat but I no longer eat to shut up my feelings.’ Nadia went on to release fitness DVD Nadia Sawalha: Fat To Fab in 2010 after losing three and a half stone, and has also penned several books on healthy eating. MORE: Nadia Sawalha ‘1000 million per cent’ regrets Celebrity Big Brother 2015 MORE: Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Nadia Sawalha admits her time in the house was ‘a disaster’ as she is evicted Authors: Atkins diet - Google News

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