Zero Carb Diet

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Human kind is here today because our ancestors followed a diet based on Zero Carbohydrates or extreme low carbohydrate intake. They had none of the modern diseases of today like Diabeties, Obesity, Asthma, Reflux, Tooth decay, Acne, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Bipolar, Depression, Lupus, Cancer etc, etc.


It is only when humankind stopped eating a zero carb or extreme low carb diet that disease of every type entered our world and destroyed our health.


Contrary to popular belief “Fat cannot and does not make a person fat”.  What makes you fat is “Carbohydrate” and fat is not a carbohydrate.  Even in very small amounts carbohydrate can cause a person to become fat.  Fat is the preferred energy source of the human body for the past 6 million years.


Despite the health authorities knowing all this they persist in telling the world that carbohydrates are good, regardless of the evidence from the past 40 years showing us all the truth.  We have almost universally become fat and prone to disease. 


A zero Carbohydrate high fat diet is controversial to say the least and is being attached from every quarter and yet all those who go onto such a diet will tell you they have regained their health and wellbeing.  It is common practice for elite athletes to use a very low carb diet to lose weight and many cyclists have shown that a zero carbohydrate diet provides no impediment to winning medals.